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Saturday, June 15, 2013

From the Sisters' Perspective

Hello Friends!

This is Eric's sister Laura. :)  I have been given permission to hijack the blog and write about my and Anna's visit to Polyface this Spring.  (Ok, I guess if I have permission it wouldn't be hijacking. :)

Our time at the farm was amazing!! It was so much fun to be with Eric in his 'natural habitat'. :)
When we arrived, temperatures were in the 60's. It was a lovely change from Chicago's 30 degree rainy days. However, the beautiful weather was short lived as 2 days after arriving we got 6" of snow!  Hmm, maybe we brought it with us. :)

It certainly was beautiful!

We always think it's great fun to help with chores on the farm.
The first major one was feeding hay at the rental farm where most of the cattle are wintered.

Loading up
On the wagon
Out for feeding

Each day we gathered and crated over 200 dozen eggs.
Yes, that is a total of 2,400 eggs!
Pretty Eggciting. :)

Are those colored eggs I see?  Must have been Easter Sunday :)

 Eric is responsible for feeding the cattle located on Polyface's main farm.
...and over!

~Fun Times~
Eric took us out for dinner on his birthday. Zanendoa is a really nice restaurant with excellent food. (What can I say - their meat is from Polyface. :)  It was a fun sibling time.

Afterwards we met up with some of the Polyface team and went bowling
 The Fans

Eric's birthday celebration with the farm team
It was fun to see the dynamics of the "farm family".
They are all interesting, exciting people to be around.

Easter Sunday
 Dinner at Grady and Erin's home

Our little host, Ralph.  Isn't he adorable?!?!!

~Random Fun Things ~

One day we took a fourwheeler ride up the mountain.  Sorry, there are no pictures of the ride.  I wanted to protect my camera from the cold mud and water puddles we went through on the 3 mile ride. :)

View from the mountain top
  Zooming in on the farm quaintly nestled in the valley

We were able to squeeze in our favorite "Barth waffle breakfast"!
(Recipe complements of Eric's diligent search, 10+ years ago)

 Eric's new housing arrangements in progress

 And what would be a ride to the airport without a drive on the
Shenandoah Parkway and some fun pictures? :)

It really is hard to summarize our trip.
It was the perfect way to shake off our winter cabin fever
and get energized for an amazing spring and summer.

Eric, thank you for letting us come and visit!!
Can't wait to see you again! :)