For everything there is a season

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Our Own Little Shed

This spring I decided to build a shed to help with our storage needs.  After looking at the cost of pre-fabricated models, I decided it would be cheaper and an enjoyable experience to buy the materials and build it myself.  It was a fun project for Leanna and I to work on together.

Building materials all ready to go!

I decided to go with an 8x12 ft. floor plan mounted on pressure treated 4x6's.  The runners will allow me to move it if I ever need to.

First wall up!

Not quite a barn raising, but it satisfied my construction desires.

Putting moisture wrap around it to help keep things dry inside.

Putting on the siding boards.

A good friend, Jonathan K., helped put the roofing sheets up.

Painting trim.

The shed in all its beauty!  We used plexiglass to make the windows and hope to get some window boxes made next spring!    I am pretty proud of it and learned a lot in the process.